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The Te Araroa most longest day

It’s exactly our 150th day since we started and finally Bluff is today destination. We didn’t need any alarm clock to wake up as we are too much excited.
It’s all the more exciting that the PR of the group, Richard has managed to got 2 appointments with the media. We’ll
be interviewed by the Southland Times and CUE TV,… world renown in NZ Southland. But still, it’s a funny story and it’s the first time we’re gonna be in the press.
Our moment of fame lasted about 2h and after we kept on going because we’re not done yet, still 33k to go.
So bad that this last day finishes with 21k of State highway. It was very painful and so long. I guess our bodies were already relaxing, and all the pain and muscle stress that we have accumulated appeared. The Km weren’t going down and the hours lasted so long on this road. Everybody was suffering. We eventually arrived to the last tramping track, the Foveaux walkway, the very last 7k of this epic journey. Half of it was through farm land full of cows. A wink of the TA I guess to remind us of all this moments stuck in the mud, cow shits. We were advancing with our last reserve of adrenaline. The moment when we saw the signpost at Stirling point was pure joy and intense relief.
We celebrate and pop the Champagne just when the sun was disappearing. We were acting a bit crazy around this signpost doing victory dance, striptease, Charlie even burnt his t shirt and a local lady came to ask us if we weren’t causing trouble.

We feel so good.
It was a wonderful experience, a definitely life changing one.

We don’t really know what’s next, but for the moment it’s going to be a well deserved rest and a few more days to enjoy Kiwi great country.



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